iShoot 2.0 New Features

I’ll be posting more thorough descriptions and video tomorrow, but for right now here is the official changelog for iShoot 2.0:

Online support: Up to four iPhones / iPod Touches on the same WiFi network can now play iShoot together.

Music: iShoot now features professionally-composed background music.

Rule Editor: Edit the game’s rules, such as how much health the tanks have, how much money you receive per round, and which landscapes are enabled.

Weapon Editor: Part of the Rule Editor, the Weapon Editor allows you to create, edit, and delete weapons. You can simply remove weapons you don’t like, tweak the damage and price of existing weapons, and create brand new weapons from scratch. How about a cluster bomb of Tactical Nukes, or a rapid-fire U238 Penetrator machine gun?

iShoot Remixed: A brand new ruleset with many new weapons, designed to show off the power of the Rule Editor and give you a sense of what is possible now.

“Random” Weapons: A new basic type of weapon for use in the Weapon Editor, “Random” selects one of a number of different weapons when fired. Random weapons are featured heavily in the iShoot Remixed ruleset, giving rise to weapons such as the Jackpot, which might just be a dud… or it might pack the same punch as a World Annihilator. A tamer application of Random is the Disco Bomb, which creates many different colored explosions. Mayhem has never before been so pretty!

Skylance: The basic weapon type used to create the “Great Wall” you all know and loathe :-). Turn off the “Create Dirt” option, and you get a vertical bar of energy which slices through the landscape and leaves tanks at the bottom of a giant hole.

And, of course, lots and lots of minor changes and fixes.

4 Responses to “iShoot 2.0 New Features”

  1. AgentSmith says:

    Great work, I just spent yet another two hours with the game – no flaws noticed. Thank you so much! :-)

  2. StarNab says:

    Good job ! But I can’t see anything about online play ?

  3. Andrew says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Let’s hope Apple makes quick work of approving it!

  4. K says:

    Haha, the Jackpot being awesome or dud will be a HUGE amount of laughs in 4-player :D

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